Monday, August 15, 2011

The Interloper

Not. Going. Well.  The bedtime battles continue.  Kelly is now inexplicably scared (copying big sissy, I'm guessing) and Alyson was in our bed again last night - after me laying in her bed until she fell asleep, and me tucking her in on the couch at midnight when she just couldn't handle her room anymore.

It isn't easy surfing for bunk beds on an iPhone through blurry eyes with feet in your back.  But that is where I found myself this morning.

Genetics, tradition, phase or not, this has to stop.  We spent 3 1/2 years struggling with Kelly's sleep issues.  And now that she is (by and large) sleeping in her own bed alone, I am ill-prepared for this from Alyson. 

My MIL is convinced it is the hamster, a new addition at the end of last school year.  Buddy (or "Smoothie" if you subscribe to the name-of-the-week club) makes a little noise, but Alyson seemed to tolerate it very well.  And Alyson claims she knows the noises he makes and isn't worried about that.

I'm quite fond of my Couch Theory, but in all honesty, I don't think it holds much water. 

The most logical explanation for this is general anxiety.  Summer is ending.  School is beginning.  Little Sister will be in the same school.  Girl Scouts is around the corner.  In short, it is a season of change.  And any daughter of Jeff's does NOT like change.  ;) 

My aching back and I want bunk beds so that the girls have each other.  Many siblings I know grew up in the same bed, at least for awhile.  But I don't want to hear, "Kelly, SHUT UP!" from the next room.  or worse, "Ha ha!  The trolls will eat YOU first because YOU have the bottom bunk!"

Any thoughts?


  1. Maybe her room really is haunted. Read "Grave's End." It's on one of our bookshelves somewhere.

  2. Oh, you're a lot of help, mister.

  3. tracy cadora8/18/2011 1:40 PM

    I got bunk beds for Olivia (against my better judgement)last year, and she has slept in them maybe 6 times total! She's scared of sleeping in them. The only time she has there has been a friend over (and of course the friend slept, get this, on the floor! My husband says to get rid of them and go back to a regular bed. Olivia agrees, but one catch, she now wants a water bed! NOT!
    Good luck with your endeavors. They must be experiencing a phase since Olivia is going through some of the same issues.

  4. Tracy, Thanks for the comiseration. I hope against hope that this works.