Sunday, October 2, 2011

That Did Not Take Long

I will admit, arriving home to my precious family was wonderful. I missed my crazy kids and even Jeff. It was a long week of driving and studying some not-so-light subject matter.

I got home Friday and resumed my roles. Cut pizza. Help kids into pajamas. Make sure the dog gets one last opportunity to pee before bed.

Saturday was grocery shopping, topped off with an awesome (yet very chaotic) Girl Scout outing to a college football game. Sunday was the Sorghum Festival (yes, sorghum; look it up). And here I sit on Sunday night working on laundry, contemplating the mountain of files that is undoubtedly on my desk at the office, and wondering if I will be able to get the Girl Scout meeting planned before 6:30 tomorrow.

It took no time at all to undo peaceful sleeping in the hotel room. It took no time at all to sap the energy instilled by invigorating training. And it took no time at all to slip back into my domestic rut.

Welcome home, mommy.

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