Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Praise of Recess

"I hope you like sleeping on the top bunk," a friend said when she heard about the bunk bed endeavor.  And while it hasn't been as bad the last few nights, I have been sleeping on the floor until they both fall asleep. 

But it's improving!  And that is what counts.  I think it is partly because school plum tuckers them out.  Kelly got up this morning grumbling that she didn't want to go to school today.  Lucky for us, it was not an "I miss my daycare friends" tirade.  It was simply, "school makes me TI-RED, Mommy!"
I'm glad school makes them tired.  We are very lucky to have a school that recognizes that kids can't sit in chairs all day.  My girls get more outside time during the school week than they do on the weekends.  I don't relish the filthy (and I mean FILTHY) clothes/shoes/hands when I pick them up.  And the bruises down Alyson's legs through the years have made me wonder if she will forever be a mild purple.  But, they've got it right. 

I am the pot calling the kettle "black" when I say we have too many devices.  I love my devices.  Just try taking one of mine away.  I dare you.  And I am well aware that given my own proclivities, my kids have more devices than average.  I am not about to give mine up.  And I am not asking them to give theirs up.  But as "the mom," I can try and teach moderation. 

Jeff and I both need to practice a little more before we can preach though.  ;)  I remember my teenage sister sitting across the table at dinner with her headphones in and thinking to myself, "I won't allow *my* kids to do that."  But how tempting is it to give in when you know that a handheld game at the restaurant means ten minutes of grown-up conversation and no tantrums?  Or that handing over your iPhone while you wait for the doctor means the chatter will cease.

So I guess now you can add this to the posts that say technology is a blessing and a curse, and as with all things, needs moderation.  I'd rather just sing a song of praise for recess.

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