Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Princess Kelly

Where to start?

The girls have been sleeping in their bunk beds consistently. They haven't been doing it without me on the floor until they are asleep or without the midnight walk-back-and-tuck-in consistently. But things are immensely better. I no longer feel like a colossal failure as a mother. I may be, but I don't feel like it.

School is in full swing and Alyson is loving it. Her first tests have been extraordinary. And we are learning all sorts of long lost tidbits about Columbus (not the bakery), John Smith (not the mormon), and Pocahontas (not the movie).

Kelly, on the other hand, throws a fit almost every morning when I drop her off. Yesterday I gave her a magic bracelet that I had crocheted for her (pink of course). I told her that whenever she missed me, she could love on the bracelet and I would feel it. She was thrilled and it worked...yesterday. Today she asked for it, and I gave it to her with the same speech and ceremony. But alas, I could hear her yelling as I made my way down the hall. (sigh) The good news is that she is fine at the end of the day.

I have found the opportunity to question whether we should have kept her at the daycare for preschool. She seems to miss one friend voraciously. We hear about "Lacy" every day and Lacy's much anticipated birthday party. If you have forgotten what being three is like, let me remind you. Your birthday is always right around the corner. And you spend many waking moments talking about and planning this grand event (that may be 11 months away). If Kelly was still at daycare, an invitation would be a given. But now that she is at big-girl school, Lacy's mom might find it easier to leave Kelly off the list. I honestly have no idea. Once I know Lacy's birthday has actually passed, I think I will just have to have a Princess Playdate so Kelly gets to play with Lacy.

Kelly may also be balking from her new preschool because she is a girly-girl through and through. ("I'm your princess, Daddy! Alyson's a pirate...a mean pirate.") Her class this year consists of 15 boys and 3 girls. Not. Cool.

Other than one boy being "stinky," Kelly hasn't had any complaints though. I know she is being well cared for. Both of her teachers are sweet and she tells me about all of the exciting things they do all day.  And of course, she is thrilled in the afternoon to be rejoined with her (pirate) sister.  So all in all, she's doing well.  And afterall, happy and healthy are the goal, right?  Not getting to Lacy's birthday party.  Right?


  1. In preschool, Laura was also one of 2 girls in a room of boys. One of the boys' Mom used to tell her she was "The Rose among the Thorns"! She also referred to those member of the opposite sex as "Stinky Ole Boys". LOL

  2. I have great news! We have am invitation to Laci's birthday party!